What Happened to Donald Trump’s $100 Million Private 757?

What Happened to Donald Trump's $100 Million Private 757?

A Boeing 757 that former American President Donald Trump made his personal private plane for years, has flown again after a five-year hiatus. When the plane departed its storage facility in Upstate New York recently, it made a brief stop in Nashville before continuing to Chennault International Airport near Lake Charles, Louisiana. Before using it again, it is thought to be undergoing repair there. Donald Trump was a frequent flier in a Boeing 757 private jet before being elected 45th US President.
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The plane, which flies under the registration N757AF, is recognized thanks to a significant T on the tail and Trump’s name painted on its side. After becoming president, Trump was forced to flee in official planes, including the Air Force One VC-25As. The aircraft flew for the Trump firm for a little longer. However, in 2019, his 757 remained at Stewart International Airport in New York City. In that location, one of its turbines was missing and in need of repair, so it stayed grounded

A new engine had to be sourced for N757AF to make the voyage to Lake Charles for regular maintenance before it could rejoin active service. In any case, it appears that the missing engine has been located as the plane was recently seen flying off from Stewart International Airport. As it flew south of Nashville, the plane suddenly turned to the north and began circling back to land at Nashville International Airport (BNA).

At least one Air Traffic Control excerpt suggested that the plane had declared a state of emergency when Nashville said, ”it seems like we have an incident inbound.” Two hours and fifteen minutes after departing Stewart the plane landed safely. As far as we know, the 757 didn’t stay in Tennessee for long, so whatever that issue was wasn’t too serious. At 14:47 CDT, N757AF was back in the air for a second flight. It landed at CWF after a flight of 1 hour, 16 minutes.

Officials at the airport have verified that the 757 is really there for repairs, according to a local news channel. There was no quick response from a Trump Organization spokesman when CNN asked why the plane was not being utilized or maintained — and whether Trump intended to get it back in flying form any time soon. It was approximately an hour and a half trip from Trump Tower when CNN’s cameras caught Trump’s airplane parked on an isolated tarmac in an upstate New York airport.

It has perplexed aviation professionals who spoke to CNN why it was left outside in the elements at an airport in the Northeast. To get to drier climates, it’s only a short flight away. When snow, rain, and moisture get into aircraft and engines, they can lead to metal corrosion, which can be challenging to detect and catastrophic in extreme circumstances. Large planes are usually preserved in the desert southeast for lengthy periods because the dry temperature prevents rusting.
Do you think we will ever see Donald Trump Fly on his famous plane again?

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