Do These Six Things Before You Book Your First Private Jet Flight

Do These Six Things Before You Book Your First Private Jet Flight

First-time private jet fliers are why private jet travel is back up to more than 80% of what it was before COVID-19. From significant fleet controllers to small brokerage firms, almost all say that new-to-market fliers are rising. The main reasons are to keep COVID-19 exposure to a minimum and not have enough airline schedules.

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1. At What Point Are You Going to Start and Where Are You Finish?

When COVID-19 came out, the airlines could only fly to a few hundred airports, but now private planes can fly to more than 5,000. This means that there are likely more airports near you than you think. Tell your operator or broker where you’re leaving from and where you’re going, and they can help you think of ways to cut your travel time in half or more.

2. Make Sure That You Don’t Bring Too Many Things with You

Many people think that when they spend more on their flight experience, they can bring more. This isn’t the case, though. Due to the size of the door on the luggage compartment, Wilson says that many jets have luggage limits because of how many people as well as how much fuel they need for the plane to fly.

3. Are You Able To Change Your Travel Dates And Times?

It’s up to you to decide when and where you want to leave. The airline doesn’t make these decisions for you. Tell your provider upfront if you can leave on certain days or at certain times. That will allow them to look for ways to save money. I’ve seen lead prices between South Florida as well as New York change by as much as $5,000 in one day.

4. When Be Will You Back?

Qualifying roundtrips in private planes can cut costs by up to 40%. Find out how to get that deal. This is the standard: two invoicing flight hours a day is what most people do. It might be same-day travel with at least an hour between the two sections. It could also be two four-hour flights that leave on day one and come back on day four. It takes eight hours to work four days, which works out to two billable hours per day.

5. How Likely Are You to Cancel or Reschedule?

When you rent a private plane, just like when you rent a plane from the airline, you sign a contract that says what happens if you cancel or change your plans. In most cases, brokers and operators will send you several quotes based on what you asked them to do. Industry terms can be different because they are often based on a jet or tail number. No refunds or changes: Each quote might well have different cancellation terms, such as not giving refunds or making changes.

6. What Further Services Do You Require?

If you want more than packaged snacks, coffee, water, and soda, be sure to say so. This is what your provider will do. You will think the prices are high for what you get, but go for it if it makes you happier! Furthermore, if you need WiFi, say that. Not all private planes are equipped with internet access, and those don’t always turn it on during charter flights. Your contract leaves you accountable for post-flight expenses, so if you request the pilot to switch on the WiFi and this was not included in the agreement, you may face charges similar to those associated with hotel check-out.

So when are you going to book a jet? Do you think it will get cheaper and cheaper?

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