Use Cryptocurrency for Private Jets!

Use Cryptocurrency for Private Jets!

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Fast Private Jet in Italy began accepting cryptocurrency payments for its services last year and now one-third of all bookings are paid in digital currency. Meanwhile, the biggest players in the market still haven’t warmed up to crypto payments.

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The Italian private jet supplier has made history by becoming the country’s first to accept major cryptocurrencies as a form of payment for charter flights. In late November, Fast Private Jet released a press release pointing the finger at stating that the major commercial airlines and private jet companies who have not yet made the jump into crypto.

Mauro De Rosa, founder, and CEO of Fast Private Jet said that the employment of leading-edge technology instruments will always be a vital component of the company’s mission. These capabilities have helped the Fast become a leader in global aviation by adapting to the rapidly changing technological landscape of the world today.

And since embracing crypto payments, Fast is blazing trails. So far, the biggest crypto payment recorded for a private jet ride was logged by Fast, coming in at $500,000 USD, paid in Bitcoin.

Fast Private Jet provides other travel services, including ground transportation and hotel reservations as well as helicopter charters for VIPs and special event preparation.

De Rosa said he leaned on his business instincts to make the move into crypto, saying he felt like a revolution in technology and the economy were about to happen.
Bitcoin has spearheaded the rise of cryptocurrencies. Despite its growing popularity, most airlines still do not accept cryptocurrency payments, but this is gradually changing.
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