Top 10 PRIVATE Jet Companies!

Top 10 PRIVATE Jet Companies!

Search for a Private Jet on Villiers Here: There are not necessarily many different types of jet charter businesses; they all share a common thread: lining up clients with available seats.

The distinction between types of service lies in how they model their business. For instance, some providers sell fractional ownership to the clients. Essentially, you purchase a percentage of the aircraft and the associated support, and your usage is pro-rata to the percentage owned.
Other private jet companies sell blocks of time in predetermined increments. The client determines how much usage they require and purchases a block of hours, ostensibly lowering the overall cost.

Pay-as-you-fly is another model, although perhaps less sought after since the lack of any outlay of cash or ownership generally makes it harder to secure space availability.

The model which sounds most appealing, but is perhaps the most difficult to cultivate, is that of paying a flat rate for unlimited access and usage. A number of companies have promised this and subsequently gone down in flames. It is unclear how a jet charter business could turn a profit on this model when requiring a practically limitless pool of aircraft and pilots, which does not exist. All certified aircraft go down for routine, scheduled maintenance, and the supply of qualified aircrews is finite.

Now, let us preface that this video is not a Ranking, it’s a listing for Number 10 doesn’t mean worse, it’s just a list. It’s up to you to pick what works best for you.

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