This Ridiculous $350 Million Luxury Jet Concept Has A Balcony And Disco…

This Ridiculous $350 Million Luxury Jet Concept Has A Balcony And Disco...

Search for a Private Jet on Villiers Here: The maintenance, repair and overhaul arm of German airline Lufthansa has quite possibly the most ridiculous news you’re going to read all day. Its Explorer concept turns an Airbus A330 into a private jet modeled after a superyacht, complete with a balcony, disco and glass floor. Oh, and
it costs over a quarter of a billion dollars.

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Rich travelers are shying away from commercial travel to skip lines and avoid potentially getting sick. The demand for private jets is so blazing hot that buyers have eaten up the market of young used ones. It’s no surprise that companies are peddling private jet concepts at the first commercial air show since the pandemic started.

Dubai’s air show calls itself the world’s most exciting air show, but I’m pretty sure that honor belongs to EAA AirVenture. Anyway, while the Lufthansa Technik Explorer shown is merely virtual, the company is targeting real customers with it, reports Aviation International News.

These customers apparently love multifunctional exploration yachts. Technik figures these people will also want a flying yacht in their fleet.

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