NetJets Demand Skyrockets – NO MORE JET CARDS!

NetJets Demand Skyrockets - NO MORE JET CARDS!

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If you’re looking to buy a NetJets card, you’re going to be waiting a while.

In a message to workers, NetJets president of marketing, sales, and support, Patrick Gallagher, stated that all jet card sales had been ”temporarily suspended” to ”prioritize the extraordinary experiences we promise to offer.” There has been an increase in ”exceptional demand within the private travel market” since the business halted sales of leases, fractional shares, and jet cards for the Cessna Citation XLS and the Embraer Phenom 300 last month.

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Believe it or not, NetJets is the owner of the world’s largest private aircraft fleet, and it’s growing as fast as it possibly can. The company 30 additional private planes to its current fleet of 760+.

New aircraft deliveries have been pushed back, and aircraft disposals have been halted to meet the existing flying demand.

According to NetJets, the company works with its subsidiary Executive Jet Management (EJM) and other operators. They satisfy strict standards to ensure that passengers have access to a safe aircraft and a highly trained crew when demand exceeds the number of planes in their fleet. At NetJets, this is only done ”when essential to replenish our enormous fleet.

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