Wheels Up vs JetSmarter – Which Private Jet is better?

Wheels Up vs JetSmarter - Which Private Jet is better?

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https://bit.ly/PrivateJetSearch What are the differences between Wheels Up and JetSmarter? Well, let’s check it out.

One of the most popular trends in business today is the subscription model. Services like Netflix, Spotify, and Amazon Prime have dominated their industries, and private aviation is no exception. Two of the industry’s most popular subscription-based membership programs, Wheels Up and JetSmarter, have revolutionized the private aviation industry with their unique offerings.

The attractiveness to consumers is a streamlined ordering process and customer service that caters to VIP expectations. JetSmarter is backed by a significant amount of international venture capital. and Wheels Up is the brainchild of Kenny Dichter, an entrepreneur who also invented the modern jet card program.

These subscription models, in contrast to ownership, fractional ownership, or jet cards, do not require a significant up-front payment or long-term commitment. Members pay a reasonable initiation fee and relatively low annual dues, but they are locking in guaranteed hourly pricing on a pay-as-you-fly basis, paying only for hours flown, or buying those flight hours in bulk at even more heavily discounted rates.

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